Wine in Västerås (Friday 23/9)

SEK 2,500 / double room 2 people

Welcome to Vin i Västerås! Here you can taste and experience new drinks or enjoy your already chosen favorites. At the fair, you will meet proud ambassadors for wine and other beverages. Of course, you will also find suitable delicacies that you can also buy with you home.

Tickets are sold with slot times, which means that you are welcome to visit the fair during the ticket’s specified time. Make sure to arrive on time to experience as much of the fair as possible.

This year, Vin in Västerås checks in with us at Plaza, which means that you have everything under one roof.

The package includes:
One night in a shared double room
Admission incl. test glass
Shrimp sandwich with a glass of wine
Large breakfast buffet

NOTE! No persons under the age of 20 are allowed to enter the fair itself (this also applies to children in prams / baby carriers), but they are of course allowed to stay at the hotel. Single rooms or extra nights at an additional cost.

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