Welcome to Sky Spa Plaza, a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. Here you can enjoy the sauna or, if you prefer, the steam sauna. You can also take care of your feet in one of the stone tubs right by the panoramic windows with a lovely view of Lake Mälaren from the 23rd floor. 

Sky Spa

A Little YOU Time

Welcome to Västerås’ highest levled SPA.
As a guest at Hotel Plaza, you have access to Skyspa on the 23rd and 25th floor. Skyspa gives you 300 degrees view over Västerås City and Lake Mälaren. We have four treatment rooms, a sauna concept with two different sauna types, spacious changing rooms, and a sauna on the 25th floor with windows that offers a view beyond the ordinary. 

Some of our SPA offers: 

Body treatment

This treatment starts with a lavender scented full body peel followed by a full body massage with warm lavender oil and hot stones. While you are wrapped in beautiful sheets and with a moisturizing comfortable face mask, we also massage your feet, your scalp and finally you get a wonderful facial massage. A very calm, comfortable, and harmonious treatment. 


A massage that fights the fight against stiff and tense muscles. With the help of a warm applicator and specially developed massage cream, the tense area is massaged until it softens. You will also get helped by an alternately work with the NBE equipment and manual massage. This increases the oxygen uptake in the cells and reduces the carbon dioxide. The pH value is improved, and the body’s own healing process is triggered. 


We work with preventive treatments – Rehabilitative Swedish classic massage is a treatment, preventive and rehabilitative massage that is followed by stretching and counseling according to your specific needs. Our massage therapists’ have a solid education in massage therapy and all of us are from the Swedish Massage Council, certified massage therapists. 

Feet and hands

This treatment begins with a wonderful foot bath, and foot analysis. The toenails are made, and hardening is removed. The feet are then filed soft and smooth. The treatment ends with a nice foot massage.